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Do you want to "Wrap your Ride"? Do you have a passion for cars, a steady hand, and a keen eye for details? Are you able to absorb a lot of knowledge in a short time and retain it for a lifetime? Do you have the desire to work with like-minded people across the spectrum while working for yourself?

Do you have an open mind, a badass work ethic, awesome communication skills, and most of all the ability to accept constructive criticism? Can you convert that energy into greatness? Are you Local to Dallas or able to stay in the DFW area for 3 months? (National sites opening soon)

If you are nodding YES,

Then the wrap industry NEEDS YOU, and YOU NEED this training!

The course will provide up-to-date, real-world wrap industry training, experienced insight, and most of all hands-on experience & knowledge.

You’ll get hands-on practice while learning up-to-date techniques.

You’ll learn how to use the tools "properly" as well as how to set up shop and sell to win the job at the RIGHT price.

You’ll learn to use the tricks of the trade and processes to get it done and have fun doing it while building the skillz to make serious bread.

This is elbow’s deep, get your hands dirty training. You will learn by doing. Taking cars apart seems easy, but wrapping them and putting them back together right is not!

This is not your standard wrap industry 2-3 day wrap class.
Don’t get me wrong, The Wrap Industry leaders all have great kickstart programs. They can cost 1/2/3 thousand dollars, plus travel, lodging, rental cars/ridesharing, food, and entertainment! So you'll get great stuff, but drop serious cash for a very condensed course.

Our training surpasses these through tons of hands-on time and individual attention. We will certainly do everything we can to help prepare you to master the advanced certification testing that the manufacturers offer.

Laser Wraps Academy WT101 consists of 4 Seasons. 12 Episodes (meetings) per season, totaling ~40 hours per season. during the last few episodes per season, you’ll “Prove by Doing” what you learned to date.

*You can start the “Wrap your Ride” process as soon as the 3rd season.

Season 4 is the culmination of what you’ve learned and you will “Wrap your Ride”. You'll also get an exclusive presentation by a licensed CPA to cover tax strategies and benefits of small business ownership and how to leverage the tax benefits of contracting.

We train Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Nights from 6-9 & Saturday Mornings!
That is an average of 40 hours of classroom, lab, and hands-on training/testing/proving per season! Similar to Trade School hours.

Classes are on-site at Laser Wraps' world-class wrap shop in Wylie, Tx. Laser Wraps Academy is located inside Laser Wraps Vehicle Graphics @ 704 Parker Rd, Wylie Texas 75098 – 972-442-3332

At Laser Wraps Academy you will learn the right way  to wrap and as an incentive to attend all 4 seasons, you can earn back some of your tuition to *WRAP YOUR RIDE*
Where else can you find a wrap shop that will teach you how to compete with them and train you how to wrap your own car? Plus allow you to *WrapYourRide* inside their shop? NOWHERE!!!!

Considering that a color change wrap for a car can cost 3-4 thousand dollars, then this is a no-brainer decision!
Seriously, you’ll learn the skillz to make a living and “Wrap your Ride” for potentially less than a wrap cost!

$3200.00 per student if Paid In Full prior to 1st season start date!
A Payment Plan Is Available but you'll pay more!
Season #1 $850.00 #2 $875.00 #3 $950.00 #4 $1000.00 = $3675.00
Payment is due no later than 3 days prior to starting dates.
All major Credit cards are accepted.

*WrapYourRide* incentives are only valid when attending all 4 seasons.